Friday, January 2, 2015

Kill/Off by John Taff review.

I've decided to spend this year reading the works of my compatriot authors at Books of the Dead Press and Ragnarok Publications.  I'm curious to see what they're writing. It will help me to understand where I fit in the scheme of things.

I figure if I read about a book per week, I should be able to keep up.  Maybe...

I decided to start with John Taff's Kill/Off because it is a thriller, rather than fantasy or horror.

Because that's the kind of books I've been reading over the last few decades.  Not that I don't love fantasy and horror!

I'm glad I chose this book first because I really enjoyed it.

Here's the Review I posted on Amazon:

"Kill/Off has a simple premise, from which the action becomes darker and more complex as the story evolves.  An ordinary man is drawn into a web of intrigue, and finds to his surprise that he has the aptitude and the moral ambivalence to survive.

As he travels through the dark highways of American life, his very anonymity is his strength and his tool for survival. It's very believable and yet intriguing, and who knows...maybe this is the way our monsters are created."

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