Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holidays are hard on writing.

I'm not so much surprised that the holidays completely disrupted my writing schedule this year, as I am amazed that it didn't disrupt me the last two years.

Nothing got in the way of writing for those two years.

This is how silly it got.  I went to the Farewell Bend's Writer's Group Christmas party the year before last for five minutes.  Walked in, told them how excited I was to be writing, and then left.  I still remember the looks of surprise.

What I was trying to do was say, "Hey, I'm part of this group and I appreciate you all and Merry Christmas" but it probably came across as abrupt and self-congratulating.  But really, that five minutes was a huge concession!

I don't know if I'll ever recapture that first year.  But I also think I'm probably a better writer today, at a slower pace.

I've been noodling with my Nobody is Killing Me! book, while I wait for the edit of Tuskers II to come back.  Usually when I noodle with a book, it doesn't go very far.  I'm just playing around.

But the ideas keep coming with this book, and I'm 10K words in, so it may actually turn into a book.

At some point I may decide to get serious and assign my 2K word count per day to it and just finish it.  I think I started noodling with it because, though I was distracted through the holidays, I still wanted to do something.

I'm not worried about getting rusty.

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