Monday, November 19, 2012

Take bomb threats seriously -- but not reallly.

Everyone gets excited by bomb threats.

Bomb threats are boring.  Hear me media people?  Boring.

I mean, for every bomb threat, the chance of an actual bomb is miniscule and everyone knows it.

If only one out of a million wasn't true, we could all ignore them.

I got so pissed off when I was in the mall about bomb threats, that I finally told them to bug off.

"Look," I said.  "I've got a few hundred square feet to look around in and we're here everyday and we can tell you in about 2 minutes whether anything is out of place.  Come on.  I know it makes all you uniformed security guards feel important and all, but really?"

Anyway, I suppose we have to take bomb threats seriously.

That is, do the safe thing.  By all means.

But we don't really have to take them seriously, you know.

Think of it as a rash.  You deal with it but you don't have to get all excited about it.

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Martha said...

There was a bomb threat?