Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poor Kids

"Poor Kids."  Frontline.  11/20/12.

I hadn't intended to watch it.

Five minutes I told myself.

Five minutes with that cute, spirited little girl in the first segment and I was hooked.

All these kids were impressive -- spirited, curious, hopeful, accepting, defiant.  Tied to the anchor of their parents as they sink into the depths.  Helpless to change or to leave the situation.

All these kids were hungry.  Actually it was the main conversation, how hungry they were.  

41 million kids in poverty.

Time for me to up my charity giving to where it hurts.  This shouldn't be -- the parents made bad decisions, and their kids suffer.  Dammit. 

Share the wealth.  Damn straight we should.  Go ahead -- watch this show -- then argue about the 3%.

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