Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What do YOU know?

There's a nostalgic article over on Salon from a guy talking about how much he loved Marvel comics -- 1n 1965.

Then he complains that new comics are too dark. (Actually, he says that he's 'heard' that the Watchmen is pretty dark...)

Really. What other medium would suffer such indignities?

I look forward to the next insightful article about movies from someone who hasn't been to a movie in 45 years; I'm sure he will object that nothing today is as good as the Doris Day and Rock Hudson comedies used to be. He's pretty sure. He hasn't actually been to a movie, but that's what he's heard.

Or someone who hasn't watched a television show in 45 years, and is dismayed that all the sitcoms aren't like "Leave it to Beaver" anymore.

You know -- true lovers and experts of the medium.

You know, even though he can't be bothered to actually be involved since 1965.



Jack Goodman said...

I can't think of many non-Vertigo titles that were quality circa 1995 anyway. I got back into comics in that '91-'95 era and man...especially Marvel under then head Bob Harras...most comics were not that great. Definitely the era of writing taking a back seat to marketing.

Anonymous said...

i really like v for vendetta
so joe conrad
nothing wrong with the darkside only then you can see light
leave it to beaver, was the worst of times for intellectual freedom, like now
when gay edgar hoover edits comics you know your in a world of shit