Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tripply doomed!

"Three rare white bison born in Bend." KTVZ.

I believe one white bison is a sign of the apocalypse, so we are Tripply Doomed!


Borders can't get new terms. It can't find a buyer. It is losing money.

But other than that, it's doing great!


Ursala Le Guin's favorite S.F. author is .... Virginia Woolf. (!?)

That's it....she's lost me.

I used to like Le Guin's early novels, (you know, when she was 'merely' a S.F. author). Now I think she's a ginormous snooty twit.


Castle announced last night on the show that there was a new graphic novel based on his characters. Woke up this morning to find that -- there really is a graphic novel coming out from Marvel.


Schwarzenegger fathers a child out of wedlock.

What bothers me most about these situations, including Clinton and this IMF guy, is that
these 'victims' are underlings. It's seems to be a power thing.

Jon Stewart had a guy last night who has written a book about psychopath's --who says the power elite are riddled with psycho's.

Which explains a lot.


H. Bruce Miller said...

"Three rare white bison born in Bend."

Better kill 'em before they hurt or annoy somebody.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Jon Stewart had a guy last night who has written a book about psychopath's --who says the power elite are riddled with psycho's."

That's a revelation akin to discovering pigeon shit on the steps of City Hall. The defining trait of psychopaths (sociopaths) is that they have no conscience whatsoever, and they also tend to be accomplished liars -- two traits that are invaluable in business and politics.

Duncan McGeary said...

Speaking of the IMF guy. Hey, a banker rapes a defenseless person.

Can't we throw the rest of the bankers into jail for fucking all of us?

Anonymous said...

I like what Rogers & Faber say about poly-tickians in general they were children who did very well at 'recess', and thereafter NEVER did another thing.

Being attractive, and talking-shit.

POWER is the reason people are attracted to poly-ticks ( blood sucking parasites ), JUDGES are poly-tickians as well and cops.

Like Blade-Runner if your not 'cop' your little people. Long have the cops, judges, and poly-tickians and the bankers who control them all 'fucked' anyone they wish.

Think about this the IMF is organized crime, there is only ONE reason that the USA black-listed N-KOREA, IRAQ, IRAN, LYBIA, CUBA, VENEZUELA, ... its because they country's chose to go it alone and not take 'IMF MONEY' ( the mafia ), once you take IMF money it goes to the top ( think zimbabwe ), and the debt goes to the people, then the nation is effectively auctioned off to the IMF debt-holders. This is the nature of globalism, if you not use the US-DOLLAR for reserve, or if you not borrow from the IMF then your children will die a horrible death.

Now to have the most powerful man in the world arrested for trying to fuck a house-keeper a man that has a long history of abusing women, all I can say is he must have done some real serious damage, and she must have had some real friends, ... but look at this way, ... this smells like a SPITZER, normally this man would NOT have been taken down, as like KISSINGER 'every body does this thing', if your powerful, then your dick is generally very busy, even Bill-Gates of MS is/was a womanizer. In every case those who rise to the top, are those who are all consumed with money, power, and pussy. It's not enough to BUY pussy, real power is to fuck any woman you wish, any time.

Just reality, but its funny how the PURITAN usa chooses to ignore reality. Like our prison system in the USA, its no more than legalized sodomy on a grand scale, but nothing is ever said. Lastly, whats most interesting is the reaction in france where this IMF chief was to be the next PREZ, complete disbelief how the US perp-walked this man, guilty before innocent. The WHOLE world knows the USA is a GULAG.

Anonymous said...

Lipton served in the Clinton Treasury from 1993 to 1998 and was a key player in its response to the Asian financial crisis; among his subordinates was Timothy Geithner, now Treasury secretary. After leaving the Treasury, Lipton worked first for Moore Capital Management, a hedge fund, and later at Citigroup as head of global country risk analysis. Since President Barack Obama took office, he has been senior director for international economic affairs at the National Economic Council and National Security Council.

OK, so here's my angle on this, by having the french guy taken down, Lipsky is temporary is loved by Geithner, but better yet OREO get's to hand-pick LIPTON for IMF, which is Geithners old boss. The fact is the french guy had EURO interest, but now the USA is back in control of the IMF which was there baby in the first place.

The consensus is folks, and pay CLOSE fucking attention, this is essentially an 'act of war', taking out a future french president, and replacing him as head of imf WITH A clinton LACKEY.

The USA is going down. The monster will do anything to keep itself alive.

OHDG said...


That's a stupid low blow. They're property. I'd say you're becoming a little threatening and possibly need a bar of soap in your mouth.

OHDG said...

and another thing, if I didn't know any better, you almost sound like a troll. Must have had some practice!

H. Bruce Miller said...

OHDG: I'd say you need to grow a sense of humor. Lighten up, man.

Leitmotiv said...

HBM, I think it's easy to take a pot shot, and then chalk it up to humor. I know better. If it didn't mean so much to you, you would have let it go. But you just couldn't.