Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nothing but tomatoes.

X-Men: First Class has 17 positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mostly nerd sites. Nothing stays 100%.

Or is that true?

Just looked up American Film Institutes Top Ten Films of all time (2207 list) and compared them to Rotten Tomatoes...

10. Wizard of Oz. 100%

9. Vertigo. 98%.

8. Schindler's List. 97%.

7. Lawrence of Arabia. 98%

6. Gone with the Wind. 95%.

5. Singin' in the Rain. 100%

4. Raging Bull. 98%.

3. Casablanca. 97%.

2. Godfather. 100%

1. Citizen Kane. 100%.

So, obviously, some movies do get 100%.

First of all, what doofus gives a negative review to ANY of these movies? Then again, how do any of the 100% escape the doofuses?

(I really don't think Schindler's List belongs in the top ten. I thought it was great, but flawed by the final speech. If it was me, I'd do Star Wars or Maltese Falcon.)


Leitmotiv said...

Pulp Fiction should be in the top ten. Brilliant in it's cinematography, like a modern version of Citizen Kane, except grittier.

Anonymous said...

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Mr. Teacher said...

Ok, most of those movies I love too. But I have to say, some I can't stand. That's not to say they aren't well made, with great, talented actors, and superbly produced movies. They just aren't the kind of movies I like. The best example is The Godfather. I cannot stand this movie. It is an extremely well made movie, with incredibly talented actors and beautifully written. But I cannot get into a movie, where all the main characters are such horrible people, I want to support the main characters of a movie and I can't say that there is anyone in that movie that I would have been sad if that character died.

That said, I absolutely love Star Wars, but I would have a hard time saying it is a incredibly well made movie. Every time I watch it, I catch a line or two that seems WAY out of place. Really, think about what the characters would say in a situation when you watch that movie the next time.

In the whole Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi series, the most 'real' seeming lines are the ones that occur between Han Solo and Leia. My favorite character in that series is Luke, and Mark Hamil is not a very talented actor. He does well, and he performed well as Luke, but there are scenes that are just BAD with him.

Of course, if you talk to any film and cinema major at ANY major university, I would bet 90% of them would tell you their favorite movies are 'Fight Club' and 'Boondock Saints,' and I find both of these movies to be barely watchable. But I also find most film and cinema majors to be incredibly pompous, self-important, d-bags.

All of that is just my opinion, maybe I am a doofus, I will own that. I hope I am not a pompous, self-important, d-bag, or any combination of those things, but I can't say that I am not for sure.

But, I am WAY looking forward to lots of movies this summer:

Thor, I give it a 7/10, but I would say it is more than worth seeing.

Priest, haven't seen it yet, probably this weekend, but I have no idea what to expect. Anticipation level of this one is about 5/10. My best friend wants to see it, so I will.

X-Men: First Class: Anticipation level of 8/10.

Green Lantern: I would give my anticipation about this movie a 9/10, I can't wait.

Captain America: anticipation level 11/10. I am obsessing about this movie!!!! ARRRRGGGG!!! There is no possible way it can live up to my expectations. So, we will see...

Harry Potter: 10/10, My sister and I always go see these.

Cowboys and Aliens: anticipation level, 7/10. Harrison Ford kinda turned me around on this one. I said, "What, Harrison Ford is in it? I guess I will go see it then."

This will be an exciting summer!!

H. Bruce Miller said...

Can't understand how "On the Waterfront" didn't make the Top 10. Eight Oscars, including best director for Elia Kazan, best screenplay for for Budd Schulberg, best actor for Brando, best supporting actress for Eva Marie Saint, and best picture. Would've copped the Oscar for best supporting actor too, except Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb and Rod Steiger were all nominated and cancelled each other out in the voting. It's one of those rare movies where everything -- screenplay, acting, cinematography, music -- meshes together perfectly.

Anonymous said...

wizard of oz €1

blade runner £1

v for vendetta ¥1

movies these days suck as much as people who live in bend.