Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Comic Book Day is Here!

I purchased more of mix this year, than last.

Good stuff -- Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, Star Wars...


I'm under no obligation here to be (Quote) "Fair" (Unquote). It's my blog.

On the other hand, I want this blog reflect business reality as I see it. I want people to trust what I say.

So with that in mind: I'd intended to compare Thursday's total -- with street closure-- to the day before -- without street closure. Both middle of the week days, both nice weather.

I would have posted it if the difference was extreme, so it's only fair that I report that the difference was minimal.

I will say that I had fewer 'regulars' in than usual, and that at least a couple complained. But apparently, they were substituted by non-regulars.

Last I heard, the city of Bend was trying to decide how to allocate their "general funds."

Hell. That's easy.

Legal fees...

Our county too. And our local college. And since we're calling in outside counsel, our state too.

Apparently, county official Mark Pilliod, who supposedly isn't saying anything has said a lot: "A monumental waste of resources...."

What a bunch of, whiners....

Ultimately, it's we -- the voters -- fault. We let ideological leanings overcome common sense, and have put into office petty (county) and/or clueless (city) officials.


So Al Queda has admitted Ben Laden is dead. Now the only people who don't believe that are Republicans...

(I know, I know. Cheap shot. Most DO believe it, but hey...)


I have nothing I have to do today but dink around in the garden and read comics. Life is good.


Carl said...

No, I believe it, but like Doubting Thomas, I want to stick my fingers in the (bullet) holes.

Anonymous said...

Republicans created Bin-Laden under RAYGUN.

This is like Dr. Frankenstein denying his child is alive or dead.

Back when times were good RAYGUN called Bin-Laden the 'moral equivalent of our founding fathers'. ... what the hell does that really say about our founding fathers? That they were on the CIA payroll? That they were mercenarys?

Whether OBL is dead or alive, it doesn't really matter, what matters is to understand who, how, and why he was brought to being USA pubik enemy #1.

Anonymous said...

More on BladeRunner because I didn't have time, .. now I have a few minutes.

The reason you don't see NOW like the future in BR is that sci-fi people like you dunc, don't really understand 'real science', so in their mind everything is supposed to be human like and scaled.

Allow me to say, there was a man name Newton long ago, he said his greatest invention of the mind, was not newton's laws of motion, nor his calculus, his greatest invention was 'scaling'.

This is why there are no Big creatures that are proportional to the small. If you look at the big dinosaurs they had huge bones, this is because as something doubles in size, it goes to the cube in weight so a giant human for instance in proportion to us, simply can't exist in the real world. This is why now our largest mammals are whales. They float and don't carry weight on limbs.

Now to modern sci-fi, who could have guessed that today we would have bio-encapsulated aerial delivery systems, this is all nano-technology. We now have fly's that are robots that can fly, '
why' you might ask, because the super-small consumes no power to fly around, also the micro-motor can go at 100,000 rpm, but the BIG motor would literally fly apart at high-speeds an auto engine red-lines at 9k-rpm, maybe todays motor cycle 14k-rpm.

Feynman long ago called this nano-technology. This is where all the sci-fi is occuring dunc, at the very small, so small that the human eye can't see. Like long ago 'impossible voyage' or whatever when they injected a submarine into a live person, of course humans can't be shrunk, but indeed you can have microscopic submarines that can have a movie camera.
Today we have drones killing anybody we wish worldwide, and we also have drones the size of flys that can go into someones ear and deliver a poison, or just attach themselves to a wall and listen and watch. This is where the future lies and is, in the small. This is why when you watch BR or any future movie you'll always scratch your ass and say "they got that wrong", ... because floating auto's are always going to require MASSIVE amounts of power.

In my mind the future will more likely be like avatar. You have a 3-d camera on your head, and you'll have an insect with a camera go anywhere you wish, and that will be your reality, the human body simple costs to much to transport what matters is feeding the human mind. This is where the future lies. Do you understand?

Nighttime said...

I stopped in today for a few free comics. Unfortunately when I got there, the only "decent" one left was the Green Lantern. I have no taste for Toy Story or Richie Rich.

Out of curiosity, I have a couple of questions.

1. Have had an advertised 25% off all actions figures sale or 10% all game packs sale (for example)? I always wonder when I go in and see merch that isn't moving at all and whose packaging has yellowed.

2. Not to be morbid, but if and when you go to the great big comic book store in the sky...what will become of the comic scene in Bend? I tend to think it would be the end of an era and the death steady fanboy merch in Central Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Regarding OBL it just gets worse now its 8pm and I'm reading the wire that OREO has just release ton's of OBL video.
This is going to be a 24/7 OBL gig for months, ... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.
With the USA going to the toilet you would think you morons could focus on something that the Pug's Frankenstein Monster.
Like Clinton, OREO is to the right of BUSH 1&2, if OREO were a real 'progressive' he would focus on history, but then OREO is the same as a pug ( repuglican ), its all same-same all banker ho's owned by the bank of Prescott Bush going back to the bring Hitler to power, to the creation of OBL during RAYGUN when BUSH-1 was CIA director.
I can see this 24/7 news cycle going on forever with OBL this and that, maybe like BABY-JEEBUZ they'll soon be selling OBL butt hair by the thread on ebay, ... sheet it just doesn't end. :(
Reality TV & OBL/OREO 24/7, I'm sure glad I only have to read about TV, and never have to look at this shit.