Friday, May 13, 2011

Today's Bulletin news of the weird.

I'm writing this on a strange material called "paper" with a technology called "pencil."

Blogger was down for almost a full day. (Blogs from Thursday are still missing....) Makes me a little nervous. I have lots of my fiction stored in the blogger cloud, as well a my posted blog.
Makes me realize that while the internet may be forever, internet sites and services may not be.

Does it seem to anyone else that the hackers are winning some battles lately?

Some Bulletin stories amused me today. Big stories, like the brave deputy who is hunting the cougar south of town.

Personally, I'm rooting for the cougar.

"HE WENT out tiger hunting with his elephant and gun
In case of accidents he always took his mom
He's the all American bullet-headed saxon mother's son.
All the children sing

"Hey Bungalow Bill
What did you kill
Bungalow Bill?"

Then there was the headline: "Prineville trucker cited for heavy load."

Important news.

I've always figured most truckers are overweight. (Their trucks, not them....)

But my favorite headline was; "Tronos sue former landlords for deposit."

Basically, the landlords evicted the Trono's for spilling blood on the carpets and blistering the walls with bullet holes...

The Tronos' want their deposit back.

People are petty in the weirdest ways...


OHDG said...

I'm pro human when it comes to our settlements. But I draw the line at the UGB and a couple miles out from it.

At a certain point, if we don't do anything, the animals begin to encroach upon us and prey on our animals, gardens, children, etc.

I certainly don't advocate unnecessary killing in lands we haven't settled and call home.

Anonymous said...

Always back-up dunc, always back-up,

The best long ago, maybe 30+ years ago on the internet (tcp-ip) was NEWS, or USENET. It allowed 'forever' posting on forums, and was backed up by universal cache.

Today's www or 'web' with its servers is here today gone tomorrow, sure google may cache a latest temporal snapshot if you in their search path, but all is essentially lost. I'm sure the government backs up all 'forever' but that is nothing for the average person as they don't have access.

Some will argue that essentially google backs up all, but those of us old enough know that ALL these companys come&go, especially tech nobody sticks around for long.

Talking about 'weird' folks been following these stories about how facebook and google are fucking each other with news-plants and PR mind-fucking.

Kunstler says that 'lying is the new normal', you can bet that anything you read about google or facebook, especially about security or spying is a designed news to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt. FUD, long ago perfected by IBM.

Same now with the mighty US-DOLLAR how the MSM ( mainstream ) loves to tell us the EURO is falling and how a little back water 3rd world country like greece is going to take the EURO down, but nada about the fact that CALIF one of the biggest countries in the world in the sense of GDP is going down, and what implications that might have for the USA.

Anonymous said...

Obama says the osama-bin-laden assassination not death.

Me thinks that Orwell is alive and well in Oreo, maybe he no longer the us military industrial complex. Maybe now his mission almost finished, he has started 2 new wars in his term 1s in paki, and 2nd in Libya and not a fucking peep from the DEM's, which is always the case, ...

Maybe now OREO is ORWELLIAN-BOMO, it went from OR-BOMB-EO, to ORWEL-EO-BOMO.

Anonymous said...

Porn found in Osama bin Laden's compound
CNN (blog) - ‎ 4 hours ago ‎
Shared by 3,927
Reuters: Porn found inside bin Laden's compound
USA Today - ‎ 8 hours ago ‎
Shared by 2,640


I think this is the biggest news of the year, everyday the MSM keeps releasing more&more shit. I can't imagine what they'll tell us tomorrow, but my guess is they'll find a 'holy bible' under Obama's bed. The Horror.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Makes me a little nervous. I have lots of my fiction stored in the blogger cloud"

Trust not in the cloud, Luke Skywalker.

Anonymous said...

'cloud' me not hbm, ever since the 1950's in the computer industry we go around the wheel in cycle from centralization to de-centralization, and every time we centralize the central shit-hole has to have an enema, and all is lost, and then we have this bright idea of having de-centralization, storing your shit at home, ... what a novel idea,

The mantra today is 'do no evil' ( serious shit this googles mantra ), so fucking in bed with NSA that google can't wipe its own ass, the 'cloud' essentially now has so many fucking agencys wanting a 'copy' of the most valuable 'intelligence' on the face of the earth its almost laughable.

'DO NO EVIL', ... who in the fuck is google talking to? Their employees? Themselves? Or Big Brother?

The 'Cloud' well I'll say this about the cloud obfuscation has always been an essential part of the high-tech fraud, so I concur with the notion of the 'cloud'.

the used to call it planned obsolescence, you don't even hear that word anymore ...

Carl said...

And getting plugged 5X (I know the papers said 6X, but if it was a snubbie like reported, it was probably a 5 shhoter revolver), I believe Trono really bled a bit. I don't think he has a chance of getting his $$ back. In fact, the landlords ought to be suing them for lost rent and damages to the place.