Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day tomorrow.

FCBD has become a tradition on the first Saturday of May.

These are high quality comics that are created for the event. I'm going to start with letting each customer take 3 comics.

Come on in! I think most of my guys are planning to be there, so it should be a party.

I had a woman complain that it was interfering with Mother's Day.

"The gall!" she said.

"But....but....Mothers read comics too!" I objected. "Besides, you have that wonderful Mother's Day movie....Thor."


H. Bruce Miller said...

How the hell is it "interfering" with Mother's Day? It's not even on the same day. The ability of people to get outraged over anything and everything continues to amaze me.

Duncan McGeary said...

Sorry, I didn't get the "tone"in. She was kidding....