Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I shouldn't have to write this twice.

My entire blog disappeared.

Hit some combination of keys and blamm! Gone!

So, I'll just put a couple of things I remember saying. I had a lot more, ....ah, well.


Notice how it's gone from: "It isn't torture!" To: "See! Torture works!"


So the administration is like the crazy aunt who has adventures but can't help but embellish.

Doesn't matter.

Ding. Dong.


I see other people have noticed how the younger generation seems more jazzed by Bin Laden's demise than even the rest of us.

Unexpected results. Emotionally, politically.

Who knew?



OHDG said...

if you ever accidentally bang the wrong key on your keyboard and lose something... immediately press Ctrl Z. In most cases, that will undo whatever you just did.

Anonymous said...

Blackwater's New Ethics Chief: John Ashcroft - nytimes 5/5/2011


Truth is always more strange than fiction - mark twain

When a private army of mercenary killers has to hire the FBI chief to legitimize its killing on the behalf of the FBI is hilarious. On the other hand 'retirement' is fine, and Blackwater has reinvented itself and after a long career of public service AssCroft deserves IPO cash.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the fascination of 'children' and death.

Let's remember that folks in the middle east are not human, anymore than dred-scotts 'blacks' or any other video game death scenario.

Of course the 'children' don't have a clue that OBL was on our CIA payroll all during the 1980's and was RAYGUN's rep. They don't have a clue that BIN-LADEN the largest construction company in SAUDI-ARABIA, that was given that concession post-WWII by BUSH, ... that the baby twisted BUSH was given a baseball team by BIN-LADEN, said to be the only private job the little BUSH ever had that he could manage. Of course this baby bush went on to be a USA prez to be managed by DICK-chancy.

During the 1980's OBL was the main contact for our 'al queda' which means 'the base' in persian, the base in afghan, usa educated engineer OBL was the head rep and money man for our IRAN-CONTRA basically bringing in COCAINE dollars from central ameriKKKa and selling cocaine in USA, and then passing those dollars to OBL who then in turn used the money to buy stinger-missiles to shoot down russky helo's. Of course for US army the deal was a 2fer as they made money on the cocaine at wholesale 'cia prices' and then resold OBL USA made 'stingers'.

Can you 'IMAGINE' had we NOT killed the un-armed OBL?? You have to wonder why he didn't give his best shit about cocaine to wiki-leaks?? But then he knows that wiki-leaks is an AIPAC front, so who to give?
Well the USA has now all of OBL's files to embarrass the USA, and now its case-closed. The unarmed OBL was murdered and dead men tell no tales.

A childrens story indeed, but only for USA children, the sickest and most homocidal miscreants on our planet.

Only one other man I can recall knows too much, but he didn't die, and sits in solitary a guy name 'panama' noriega, another guy that we 'made'. Too funny this shit is how we 'make' these men and then take them out.

What wrong did OBL do to his masters? Only that after the afghan war he asked the usa to leave his beloved mecca. A pro-quo deal in the first place, once renegged brought the wrath of the cia trained killer. Ahh well all's good in love and war. DICK-CHANCY's makes money whether its head's or tails, ... you lose :)

Duncan McGeary said...

Old news.

The biggest mistake was leaving Afghanistan to rot when the war was over.

A little pre-emptive assistance might have made all the difference.

Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake was leaving Afghanistan to rot when the war was over.


dunc, you like to read, read the book 'charlie wilsons' war,. Not the movie dunc, the book. ( charlie was a US congressman in texas who basically financed IRAN-CONTRA(AFGHAN) ), its funny because back then pakistan was actually on the MOSSAD payroll.

You'll clearly understand the history from 1982-2011 of what happened in Afghan.


This is the question, all our meddling in the MENA has had the ALIBI of OBL, but now he's gone.

Amnesia of course, ... I really hate it when you say "old story", .. I could say the same of sci-fi, or fantasy, they'll all the same.

No the USA is a game of lies, like chomsky said, its a simple matter of destroying the weak, so the wealthy may profit. Blowing up 3rd world country's and killing their children is something you would expect from bully's. In the meantime china gets richer by the day, and we kill everyone in its way.

Cheney got rich, and BUSH dynasty got to be kind for over a decade. Bush CIA director spoon fed texas congressmen.

I concur that the entire OBL story is very boring, we made him, and then we destroyed him, but who cares. My only pity goes for the 10's of millions of middle-east children that have died during our 30+ year crusade.

To many folks OBL looks like Jesus, and when history is long in the future written OBL will be a martyr, and nobody will even remember or care about the USA.

So the 'alibi' is gone, now that OBL is gone, what is our reason for killing children in Central Asia?

Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake was leaving Afghanistan to rot when the war was over.


The 'war' was never over. The soviets were there for 20 years and got their ass kicked, and we assisted that effort, which destroyed the soviet union, which is why you have to read "charlie wilsons war", because he explains exactly how it happened. Essentially it was the black widows, see in USSR they sent boyz from an entire village as a team. When afghan widows captured a soviet they cut off his dick, and there were entire villages of guys with no dicks back in USSR, and nobody could lie about this thing, and it destroyed the soviet union from the inside. The great thing about the USA is we diversify our soldiers so they don't all get mutilated the same in one town.

We never won the war in 1986, we simply made it too expensive for the soviets to stay. Then there was a vacuum and the taliban took over, remember RAYGUN called them the moral equivalent of our founding fathers.

Only after 911 did BUSH invade afghan, but by then OBL was long gone, as he is a rich saudi, and the reason he was involved in 911 was because of our occupation of mecca ( saudia arabia ).

We trained and militarized the taleban to bring down the soviets, but OBL was too rich to forget his broken promises by the USA, an sought revenge.

In my mind most people in the middle east never trusted OBL, because once on the CIA payroll, always on the CIA payroll. In my mind we created OBL, so that he would become a leader, but that never made him a leader. At best all he ever was, was a US trained engineer who could launder cocaine money for RAYGUN and buy/pass stinger missiles to afghan war-lords.

Duncan McGeary said...

Sorry, enough with the conspiracy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, enough with the conspiracy stuff.


I was given the book 'charlies wilsons war' by a person in the state department, as its their textbook for understanding Raygun Politiks of the time.

It's funny that anything that doesn't parrot CNBC or ABC, or any MSM is blocked by men's minds such as dunc. But then dunc has no need to understand 'real politik' as he lives in a fantasy world.

Millions of ants can move a mound of earth, but if dozens of men do the same we dare not call it a conspiracy. Like my grandma used to say the word 'gay' has been destroyed. Now the word 'conspiracy' has been destroyed, as if men in suits didn't meet and plan. Ahh shucks I forgot that men don't organize and plan, they only read fiction and watch tv.

There should be a TV episode like this where you have a bunch of couch-potatoes denying that anybody in the USA has a job or organizes work as a team.