Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ducks in Lust.

Speaking of conspiracies: If the Navy Seals did indeed find a treasure trove of information at Osama's lair, why would they trumpet it? Wouldn't it be the other way around?

Seems to me:

If you didn't find anything, announce you did, and hope you get the bad guys scrambling.

If you did find something, announce you didn't, and make sure they stay in place.

Or...maybe you did find something, but want the bad guys to believe you didn't, so you make a big deal about having found something....


Another 3 hour session in the garden.

It seems like I get a different weed infestation every year, and they are a different weeds than I remember in my mom's garden.

When I first came back to Bend after college, I was trying to be a 'full -time' author. So of course, I was earning my money from gardening. Mowing lawns, but also doing quite a bit of weeding and planting. My mom was a well known gardener, so people assumed I knew what I was doing. (Well, I did have a resident expert.)

As I was gardening, yesterday, I heard loud peals of quacking in the distance, rising and falling.

Back when I was a full time writer, one of my gardening clients was Ruth Stover (and her husband, who was suffering from Alzheimers at the time). They had operated the two theaters in town, (the Tower and Liberty (?), and later a clothing store.

They owned a wonderful house down on Mirror Pond. Ruth was a funny lady, and I'll always remember her telling me, as ducks were quacking loudly and chasing each other around, "Those ducks are in lust! It's disgusting!" she'd say, in mock horror.

Anyway, I was hearing Ducks in Lust yesterday as I was gardening, even though I'm on the east side. There must be pond nearby.

(I may have told this story before, but ducks in lust show up every year...)


One last comment on Osama.

You'd think a million dollars would buy more house in Pakistan....


I was batching it last weekend -- Linda was at a women's retreat on the coast -- so I thought I'd drink some brew and turn up my records really loud.

I was at the grocery store, and noticed one of those "energy" drinks with high alcohol content. Called, Tilt. I thought I experiment just once, to see what it was like.

Well, it went down easy. Too easy. Almost hiding the alcohol content. It had the equivalent kick of nearly 4 regular beers.

Also unexpectedly, I kind of liked the effect. I was kind of scared of the caffeine and sugar mixed with alcoholic, but it was nice. Too nice. I felt very alert and bouncy -- but when I tried to type the above section last night, every other word was misspelled.

I worry about these -- for 2.00, you get drunk quick and easy.

I think that may not be a good thing.

(And yes, all you horrified brew folk -- I'm a barbarian. O.K.? Besides, it was an experiment...)


yokem55 said...

Or...maybe they did find something, but want the bad guys to believe they didn't, so they make a big deal about having found something....

Ha, to paraphrase the Princess Bride, "Never go against a Hawaiian when death is on the line"!

Anonymous said...

Old Ruth and Dutch... what a pair. And it seemed that old Ruth would just go on forever. Like the bunny with the drum! I remember Harriet took care of her for a long time... a LONG time.

OHDG said...

well the way it probably went down... they watched the abode for several months piecing together who's affiliated with the compound. It will generate other leads. When you're done, you do then trumpet it, looking for secondary leads out of the fallout.

Anonymous said...

You should read this, Dunc, because it's fascinating, and also then you'd sound more informed talking about the bin Laden deal:


H. Bruce Miller said...

Ducks are in lust around my place on the Eastside too. (Yes, there's a pond nearby.) The hens are waddling around looking distinctly rumpled (the walk of shame?) and the drakes look self-satisfied (or maybe that's just my interpretation of their facial expression). Duck copulation is intriguing to watch, but if you blink you'll miss it.