Sunday, May 8, 2011

Did I say promotions don't work?

I should probably say, promotions aren't free.

We had a bigger than normal day, yesterday, but if I add in the costs of extra labor and the cost of the "free" books to the store, it was probably a break even.

A break-even with the promotional rosy glow.

I would join in on Free Comic Book Day even if we lost money, because the rest of the industry does it and I want to be part of that.

It is kind of a fun idea.

I might be able to get a bigger result if I actually made more effort, but take out the costs of that effort, and we probably -- again-- break even. I've made very big efforts some years, and other years just kind of went with the flow.

Anyway, this is a successful promotion because it it well thought out, has developed a tradition (first Saturday of May, which is helped by the opening of summer movies), and --above all -- has the magic words FREE.


Spent 3 hours in the garden yesterday. 3 hours seems like the magic number; long enough to get something done, but not so long as to burn me out. If I try do this every day off, I should have the garden in shape for summer.

I was thinking that I was farther along this year, because it hasn't gotten hot yet. Then I look at the calendar. Hell, I remember the bulk of my Mom's gardening being done by now. She usually eased off by late July...

Having the new lawns and sprinkler system helps. Still a bit raw. Need more plants.

If I was really patient, I would buy a truck load of dirt and another of manure and work up the soil before I proceed any farther. Which means another year of getting ready to actually have a full garden...


H. Bruce Miller said...

"I was thinking that I was farther along this year, because it hasn't gotten hot yet. Then I look at the calendar. Hell, I remember the bulk of my Mom's gardening being done by now."

Explanation: The Bend "spring" is getting colder and nastier every year.

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IHateToBurstYourBubble said...

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Anonymous said...

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