Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's the end of the world.

No, I'm not talking about the crackpot minister.

I'm talking CNN and CNBC and MSNBC.

I caught a bit of the day coverage of the tornadoes in the midwest.

What a bunch of henny pennys. What a bunch of drama queens (and I'm not just talking about Anderson Cooper.)

Hey, it's a rain drop, head for the shelters! Don't worry folks, we're in a safe place! Did you hear a I siren? I thought I heard a siren!!!

Hey, is the head dead yet?

What a monster 24 cable news is.

Thank god we have Fox covering the real news: The Casey Anthony trial.


Anonymous said...

Well me thinks that by summer the USD could be BendDead(tm).

In the past 2 weeks they pulled out an OBL corpse to protect the dollar, and that has failed. Now the EURO has once again taken off, as the chinese have promised to buy EURO DEBT, and please note the chinese have quit buying USA debt.

Insurance for the USD is now skyrocketing. 'End of the World', no dunc, only end of the world for those who have NOT PLANNED.

Today the US gov has announced that PAKI has finally allowed them to enter the OBL compound, and that was the best news OREO could muster.

On to MORE fascinating issues, IRAN now has one of the largest reserves of GOLD in the world, seems they have been discretely buying GOLD with all those PETRO-DOLLARS. MORE gold in IRAN than the UK, and certainly more than the USA. Not to be a gold-bug, because I own very little, about 1%, but I would like to move to 5%, albeit I have no where to store here for the long term in Asia, I certainly would not keep gold in a 'bank', nor in an ETF ( derivative ).

Of course again from a contrarian point of view, when everybody see's the 'end of world', ... you know its time to BUY. That said, we're now in the GREATER-DEPRESSION, or perhaps the GREATEST-DEPRESSION. Only WWIII will save ameriaKKKa's arse. Trouble is WHO will they borrow from to INVADE IRAN to steal their GOLD&OIL?

Anonymous said...

For 'good reading' about times such as these I would suggest Marc Faber, who lives in chiang-mai, Thailand. He has a great book called 'Tomorrows Gold", and the books reminds me of 'popular delusions, and madness of the crowds'. Faber while a PHD economist, is really a historian, with great perspective on world economic history. If you want to know about inflation, deflation, or currency collapse all all city's in human history then read the book. Like twain say's history doesn't repeat, but it sure as hell rhymes.
Much of what school children are taught about US history, will be found to be very untrue in this book. For that matter what US college students are taught. I have always been of the view that the 'rich' educate their children quite different than the common man. If I was living in a time of private tutor's, Faber would be the man I would have educate my child about the 'real world' of economics. I no he talks a lot about 'doom & gloom', but that's all a charade like 'cramer' who I detest. But Faber really has a soft heart and is a true contrarian. Like J-Rogers of course he has an ego and can't say NO to the TV people, me personally I always said NO, and to this day I'm quite happy to be invisible.

Just mentioning this book for those who need to get the BIG picture about how to survive the coming collapse of the dollar and the GREATEST-DEPRESSION. Not like 'Ben Graham' says (Buffets mentor) GOLD is not historically a SAFE place to be in INFLATION, thus its essential to read about really what happens during economic turbulence.