Friday, May 20, 2011

Bwana says get your ass out here for a picture.

"Typhoon Manager Denies Exploitation Accusations."

The picture in the local section of the Bulletin of the Typhoon staff is -- well, less than convincing. It doesn't prove one thing or the other, it just looks rather odd.

At the center of the group is the Typhoon Manager, hands on hips, big smile, looking confident and in charge. Arrayed behind him, literally in the shadows, are the crew, with a few tentative smiles and a couple of doubtful looks.

As a publicity picture, this doesn't work.


So, I watched my stock in Barnes & Noble go up about 15%, then drop in half, and yesterday it had inched back up to within 10% below my original purchase price.

Today, it's shot up to 10% higher, because there is an offer to buy the company on the table, one that wants Riggio to stay so probably has a chance to succeed.

I told myself if the stock went up 20%, I'd sell.

What to do. What to do.



Duncan McGeary said...

So what happens if the stock price rises above the purchase price?

Does the buyer have to match the current price?

What happens to the stock? Does it get transferred over to the new company, or cashed out?

How the hell does this work?

Dave Eaton said...

I don't know much about company sales/transfers. The little I've read suggests that everything is negotiated as part of a contract with some conditional clauses.
How will that work in this specific case? I don't pretend to have the slightest clue.

Anonymous said...

That guy standing to the left of the manager looks like he'd like to kill him. A lot of the others look pretty pissed off, too.