Friday, May 6, 2011

Bladerunner won't happen.

Saw the first five minutes of Bladerunner. Quit watching when I realized it was censored and commercialized. (They cut the N word.)

Anyway, somewhat startling to realize it was placed in the year 2019.

Eight years away.

Where are the hovercrafts? The human robots? The Mars colonies?

Did that all seem likely when the future was 40 years away?

I feel cheated.


Anonymous said...

My favorite movie of all time.
I don't think they were too worried about accuracy the way 2001 clarke was concerned.
Now that the USA is BendBroke(tm) I doubt that any money will be spent on 'space-travel' besides NASA is running on 40+ year old technology.
In study of history, most great country's didn't have their monopoly on exploration for long.
Certainly given that the USA has spent 5+ Trillion dollars on senseless wars for the past 2 generations there is no hope of future nickels spent on space.
Ain't going to happen, maybe private, that's where it was at a few years ago, but even that world isn't getting much press now. Space-X and such, ....
Can you imagine if OREO had mandated a moon colony instead of war on defenseless poor MENA people? JFK deja-vu
There other thing of course is there is no gold on the moon or oil,...
On the other hand MUCH of BR is now true, ... "IF YOUR NOT COP YOUR LITTLE PEOPLE", .. so fucking TRUE now in the fascist USA. That part is RIGHT-ON. Almost all the tolalitarianism is 100% on, the corporation's are 100%, the cop-shop in all its filth and ego is 100%. Think praetorian guard.
The ONLY thing missing is off-shore colonys, and floating car's. If you subsititute offshore jobs, and MADOFF floating funds, ... then its fairly on.
In summary MORE of BR is true today, than that which is not true. Using robots for war is 100% on right now by USA military, albeit the robots are 'nano-bots' they now have humming-birds that can kill, and robot's that shoot guns anywhere, and of course there is the un-manned drones that can kill anything anywhere.
Our definition of 'robot' is some what elusive. A bot is anything that is automated, I think in some ways there is wilder technology today than is projected in BR in 1976.

Anonymous said...

BladeRunner already has happened. You just live in Bend.
Go to HONG-KONG and stay at CHUNG-KING MANSION, its where they made the movie, and the reality there today is exactly has in that movie some 30+ years ago.
The problem with BR is that it will never to come to project in LA, as LA is Bend finished had its Real Estate Boom from post civil war to a few years ago. What really did it for LA was the vietnam war and the fact that everything was manufactured there, but now that is BendOver(tm).
LA now is no future hope of being the kind of place depicted in the movie, however that said HONG-KONG is today exactly like that movie. Well KowLoon around Chung-King-Mansion is as in that movie.

Anonymous said...

On SCI-FI I just want to say one thing about BIN-LADEN as I don't like conspiracy. Well 2 things.

1.) A joke that they make seal-team-6 some kinds of saints, this is after all the same team that brought us Jesse-Ventura, and I can tell you these boys like to talk and are full of hot air.

2.) It would be CRAZY to have killed Osama because of what he knows, me thinks that the death is a cover so al-queada doesn't fear, after a few years of good-cat bad-cat osama will warm up to his handlers and spill all in exchange for a peaceful life in mecca.

It's not so much that the USA wants its alibi 'osama' is that they want to elimininate ALL opposition to the US empire in MENA. ( middle-east, north africa )
USA created OSAMA, and gave him dignity which brought all the real-players to him, and now he can retire. His job is done.

Bringing in all these yahoo's from seal-team 6 is nothing more than professional wrestling for the masses aka jesse-ventura and circus.

Dave Eaton said...

On the other hand, the air quality is much nicer :)

Duncan McGeary said...

Flaming buildings!

I want flaming buildings!

Anonymous said...

The noise and air in kowloon is exactly the same as in BR, I don't think anything has changed in 40 years, except maybe things haven't gotten worse in HK,

That said, HK is now the financial capital of the world, and will continue so, but LA will just be a barrio, where mexicans and blacks fight over what the koreans and whites have left post civil war.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in this sense BR is correct, whites and koreans all left to the new-world colony, aka ORYGUN. :)

Leaving mexicans&blacks, of course the asians are all back in asia making money. And enjoying the life that having 1/2 a dozen concubines brings a man, while the people in the west fight with their OBD Orygun mate ( OREGON BOTTOM DISEASE )