Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday WTF's.

I wonder if the alleged plotters to kidnap the Columbia Sportswear chairwoman were taken in by the old ads.

You know, the ones that showed "Gertie" being run through all kinds of obstacles to prove that her clothing (and the old broad herself) could take a licking and keep kicking.

Maybe they thought she'd think it was a lark.


Our tax system is weird. We have to take a dispersal from Lois's I.R.A. as if she was still alive and one year older....

I don't mind paying the taxes, but that's just kind of weird...


Borders is moving their headquarters to Detroit.

That seems appropriate.

I mean, rents are cheap.

In fact, if major corporations are serious about saving money, they should ALL move to Detroit. It should feel familiar to them -- almost like outsourcing to a third world country.

That just makes too much sense.


How wrongheaded is it for Redmond to lower to "slash" SDC's in half? Hey, Redmond, you don't need more houses, you need to sell the houses you got.

Couldn't they instead create incentives for people to buy existing homes -- lower property taxes on the first X number of years? Something? Anything? I mean, as long as your giving money away...


Another instance of a regular customer listening to an outside source (in this case, a podcast) recommending titles and saying to me, "Too bad you don't have THOSE titles. I'd buy them."

"Let me look at that list. Right. Errrr....I have everyone of these titles...."



A couple years before my sister Tina died, she was offered a crazy amount of money for her house from a developer who wanted to take over the whole block.

I told her that for the amount of money she was offered, she could buy a house in my neighborhood on the east side, (Williamson Park), that was at least equal in land, sq. ft. and amenities as her house, and still have enough money left over to buy a second house.

I think she knew in her bones (literally) that she didn't have much time left, and wanted to stay in her long time home.

When she refused, they offered the equivalent of an even crazier amount of money in a huge house in one of their new developments.

Again, she turned them down.

They say you can't cheat an honest man. (Debatable). But I think if she had accepted, she probably would've lost her home, and never gotten either the other house or the money she was promised.

It falls under the rubric of -- if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. I knew it was too good, but I would have cynically taken the developers money, anyway.

In the end, she made the right decision -- and she made it for all the right reasons.


"U.S. Cellular to offer smartphone class." Bulletin, 4/6/11.

That's just it. I don't want a phone smarter than me.

I don't want a phone that I have to take a class to learn how to use.

I want a -- well, you know -- a phone!



H. Bruce Miller said...

"In fact, if major corporations are serious about saving money, they should ALL move to Detroit. It should feel familiar to them -- almost like outsourcing to a third world country."

The catch is, their executives don't want to LIVE in a Third World country.

When they're finished turning the US into a Third World country they'll probably all move to Switzerland or the south of France,

RDC said...

Actually the need to withdraw money out of the IRA really does make sense. Since the law was set up to tax shelter contributions for funding ones retirement, and for the taxes to be paid with the money was withdrawn then you need to have the requirement for withdrawal. Otherwise you would not have a program for funding ones retirement, but instead a tax free mechanism for passing money on in perpetuity without a requirement for it ever having to be withdrawn and taxed. The benefits were never intended to pass beyond the life of the account holder. The ability for the inheritor to keep the money in a IRA and be allowed to follow the original owners withdrawal schedule enables them to soften the tax impact and spread it out without violating the original purpose of the IRA account.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Dunc, there are still lots of dumbphones out there. I have one.