Friday, April 15, 2011

Grumpy grump.

If you're looking for something cheerful, I'd advise you to go away.

This crappy month continues. Car won't start. Computer won't start. Last minute picky tax details. Pretty rotten sales.

I have nightmares. Last night's nightmare was an end of the world one. We finally found some other surivivors, who are better off than we are but still welcoming, and we're having a celebration in an old house and a fire starts and everyone but me dies.

I woke up with heart pounding, and had a weird insight. End of the world stories are really about your own death. Every death is an end of the world.

Oh, and I have a nasty hangnail.

Told you not to read.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, these are more annoyances than problems. But what's a blog if not a place to vent?


RDC said...

Just to pile on, did you see the latest news today on the CNN web site?

"E-book sales top paperbacks for first time"

E-book sales totaled $90.3 million in February, up 202% compared to the same month a year earlier, according to a study from the Association of American Publishers. That put e-books at No. 1 "among all categories of trade publishing" that month -- the first time e-books have beaten out traditional publishing formats.

Those devices are changing the way booksellers view the industry. Earlier this month, Barnes & Noble executive Marc Parrish forecast that traditional book retailers have just two years to adapt to an e-book-centric industry.

Duncan McGeary said...

I think I'll just start saying, "Support the local bookstore of your choice as much as you can, if you want them to be around."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your problems, Duncan. It makes mine seem smaller as a result! To be honest, that part of what makes your blog so appealing . . . the misery! : )

H. Bruce Miller said...

"This crappy month continues."

Yeah, meet the new crappy month, same as the last crappy month (and same as the next crappy month).

Now THIS is my kind of post!

Any time you want to guest-blog on BendSux you're more than welcome.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Last night's nightmare was an end of the world one."

You read and watch too much science fiction / fantasy. I never have end-of-the-world nightmares.

Two nights ago, though, I had one in which I was going insane but couldn't get anybody to believe me when I told them I was going insane. What does THAT mean?

Duncan McGeary said...

"What does THAT mean?"

That's easy.

You're crazy.

H. Bruce Miller said...

That's what I thought.

Duncan McGeary said...

He got a slap on the wrist --