Thursday, April 28, 2011

Upcoming flicks.

Was checking out Rotten Tomatoes and am amazed by the positive reviews some movies are getting.

Fast Five. 82%. --- Not really my kind of thing, except -- I like a good action flick and the reviews make this sound like something other than -- just -- noise.

Thor. 93% -- Well, the Australians really like this movie, so I guess we'll see if Americans like the same kind of movies...

The Beaver. 80%. -- I had no intention of watching this. It looked ridiculous. But apparently Gibson and Foster have pulled it off. Still have no intention of watching this.

Hobo with a Shotgun. 87%, -- A Snakes on a Plane title. But it sounds like gruesome fun.
I'll have to talk my wife into going. "No, really, honey. I'm sure it's a heartwarming drama.
The shotgun is probably just a metaphor...."

I think you might get away with this explanation once. After that, you'd be 'The boy who cried metaphor.'

Cave of Forgotten Dreams. 94%. -- If I had my druthers, this is the movie I'd see first. In 3-D.
I've always been fascinated by cave drawings. I had a print of a bison in my room when I was growing up. This really looks like a cool movie. But...foreign director; documentary. I hope it comes to Bend.

Dylan Dog. No reviews. -- Since it's opening this weekend, that's not a good sign. The trailers look pretty lame, which is a shame because it's based on a Euro comic.


H. Bruce Miller said...

Motivated by the HBO series, I've started reading "Game of Thrones." It's good shit -- kind of a combination of Tolkien and Tennyson, with some soap opera elements thrown in. Quite enjoyable.

H. Bruce Miller said...

This is the crap season for movies -- the holiday blockbusters are over and the summer blockbusters haven't started. We generally don't go to the movies unless there's something playing that really needs to be seen on the big screen and with a superlative sound system. With streaming video, a 48-inch flat-screen TV and a good surround-sound system at home, why spend $30 to see a movie in a theater unless it's something really special?