Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our little Peyton Place...

"Bend Doctor Suspended for Relations With Patient." Bulletin, 4/14/11.

Dr. David Redwine "has been reprimanded and placed on one month's suspension..."

"...he was involved in a sexual relationship with a patient and improperly prescribed drugs to her and members of her family."

This is the same guy who sued Tami Sawyer after investing and losing money with her company.

The patient he had "relations" with?

Yep. Tami Sawyer.

Let's see: Sex. Drugs. Alleged theft.

Bad judgment all around.

Maybe there's a lesson here: don't invest money with someone who is cheating with you.

And don't take investment money from someone who is cheating with you, and prescribing drugs.

Just a suggestion.


I ordered an equal number of the George R.R. Martin Songs of Fire and Ice books, and sold all of Clash of Kings. Did everyone suddenly decide they needed to read the second book in the series? Weird.


Never fear, the Fear Itself comic is here. A week late, but it's here.


Whenever I'm out of town, I consistently have fewer readers than when I'm in town, even though the messages I post seem to me to be exactly the same kind.

Same thing happens at the store: I decide to start cutting back on something, and even before whatever I'm doing can have any possible effect on inventory, sales drop.

It's got to be subtle signals that are so subtle as to be almost E.S.P.


Finally! Obama speaks to me!

Yes, tax the rich.




Anonymous said...

what about the cop hubby?
vice and all that?
peyton place? hell no, in Bend truth is stranger than sci-fi,
doc's fucking their patients in a town with the highest non-essential surgery in the nation? tell me it ain't fucking true :(

Anonymous said...

let's see the 'riche' put OREO in power, .. groomed him from birth(ing)

he's given all the banking crooks life tenure in public orifice, ...

now's he's going to 'tax the riche', ... here's what he's going to do, ... redefine 'riche', .. and tax folks who make more than $10/hr, now in Bend that be riche, ...
In BEND(over) if you have a job and make more than $10/hr you be riche.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"doc's fucking their patients"

Hate to break the news, but Bend ain't the only place where that happens.

Anonymous said...

of course not hbm, where ever there is a man and a women there will be fucking, ...

more interesting is when people destroy their careers in such foolishness,....

REHO is what we used to call this ... back in the day ...

H. Bruce Miller said...

"more interesting is when people destroy their careers in such foolishness,...."

Bend ain't unique in that respect either.