Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Bicycle Pub and other oddities.

Have you seen the Bicycle Pub?

Weird looking thing. Those people are really peddling away.

Really working for their beer. They look a little like galley slaves.

It seems totally unappealing to me.

I doubt the wisdom of it.

Last time I exercised and drank at the same time, I threw up.


Put the book "SALE" table out on the sidewalk. .50 for paperbacks, 1.00 for hardcovers.

I can already see that it is pulling people into the store.

Need to remind my employees to point out the other used books inside the store to these people...


Did my first gardening yesterday.

I want to ease into it this year, so I don't burn out, so I did only a couple hours. As I was coming in, my cat was going out.

So I went back out and did another hour outside while she meandered around the garden and Panga and I bumped heads. She loves it when we're outside.

Saw a quail pair acting peculiarly around the brush pile. I suspect they have a nest, but I didn't go look. I'm pretty sure they'll be safer there than they were in the front of the house a couple years ago.


5 "Most Popular" stories this morning on USA TODAY:

1.) Was Emma Watson Bullied out of Brown?
2.) Kate Hudson Hates Her New Big Breasts.
3.) Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail.
4.) They're Not Guys; New Gear For Female Soldiers.
5.) Pattinson's No Longer In the Twilight Zone.

We are a shallow people.

Only one of those stories really seems to matter.

Yep, Kate Hudson's Hateful Big New Breasts.


Super Hero Summer.

I just now beginning to realize how much I'm going to be talking about Super Hero's this summer.

Green Lantern.
Captain America.

I feel like I'm missing one.

Anyway, most everyone in the door will be wanting to talk about these movies -- which I can understand, but boy, it'll start repeating itself pretty quickly.

Oh, well. Maybe a few new customers will pick up a graphic novel.

I've got a huge stack of Thor graphic novels, and a stack of Green Lantern, but none of them are one to one with the movies. There isn't a "Go To" storyline, as there was with The Watchmen, or Scott Pilgrim, or Hellboy.

I'm going to try to be open, but realistic.

I once figured out if like one half of 1% of the opening weekend movie goers bought that month's comic, sales would double...


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H. Bruce Miller said...

John Costa ripping Flaherty a new one again today. Wonder how Flaherty will respond? I love a good public pissing contest.