Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch The Killing

The Killing, on AMC, is probably the most realistic seeming murder mystery I've ever seen.

It reminded me a lot of Prime Suspect. What was really amazing about it, was it showed the reactions of the victim's family in a totally believable way.

And shows how shallow most crime shows are, when they use the victim as basically a MacGuffin in service to the plot.

Though.... because it shows the grief so realistically, it might be hard to take on a week to week basis.

It's set in Seattle, and the constant rain and dreariness made me turn up the heat in my living room. After the show was over, I had to turn down the heat.

I loved the underplaying of the acting, (by the way, Michelle Forbes is a great actress) and the mostly lack of stereotypes. Good, good show.

(Had the wrong title --it's The Killing, not the Killers. Corrected.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Dunc. I have the DVR set to record the series. AMC has been putting out top notch original series for several years now and it sounds like they've done it again. JF

H. Bruce Miller said...

Recorded it last night, looking forward to watching tonight. It's being touted as the new "Twin Peaks," a show I loved despite (or because of?) its complete incomprehensibility.

Duncan McGeary said...

This is way more straightforward.

The similarity might be the setting and weather and the long solve...and possibly the sense of dread.

But, like I said, I think this is amazingly believable -- and Twin Peaks was lots of things, but believable it wasn't.

H. Bruce Miller said...

You'll enjoy this, Dunc:

H. Bruce Miller said...

Watched it last night -- a very engrossing and well crafted mystery. I'll become a follower. It lacks the pervasive creepiness of "Twin Peaks," but I guess you need David Lynch for that.

Bewert said...

This is going to be a great series. I love the laconic pace, with some depth being allowed to build the characters.

Still love Shameless and Californication, too. Plus Secret Life of a Call Girl.