Sunday, April 10, 2011

A sweet spot.

I think we're in a sweet spot at the store with employees, where they are still enthused about working there, and have worked long enough to do a really good job. This learning process actually takes longer in my store than most stores, probably, because of the complexity of the product. Eventually it will become old hat to them -- just another job.

This equilibrium never lasts forever, unfortunately, mostly because this a temporary job for most of them, and because eventually the newness wears off.

But because they are all working relatively few hours, the chances of them being jaded seem slim for now.

So this sweet spot is something to take advantage of, and I'm taking even more time off than usual.


Since I got slightly ahead over the first quarter, I've decided to use this month to make small changes that will probably cost me money in the short run, but may end up helping the store in the long run.

I need to work out shipping and timing issues, which have been caused by Diamond's new policies.

I have to test the waters. Order on different days, see when stuff shows up.

Also, as I mentioned above, I'm very happy with the way the employees are running the store right now, so I'm taking more time off than usual.

This is strictly on purpose.

I want to see how long sales stay at good levels without me always being there to goose it.

I want my store to operate on a high level with or without me.

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