Saturday, April 2, 2011

We need an expanded U.G.B. for our diminished pop.

So the state is giving Bend less money because it apparently believes the U.S. Census numbers which say we have lost thousands in population. (What? That could NEVER happen!)

Maybe Bend should just sue the State of Oregon....after all, we've been totally unwilling to accept the state's appraisal of our needs for a huge Urban Growth Boundary.

Oh, wait.

If we've actually LOST population, why do we need an expanded U.G.B. at all?

Oh, yeah. Because we've got millions of people headed our way. Millions, I tell you. (Well, maybe tens of thousands....) Just like over the last twenty years. You know, just like during the biggest housing boom in U.S. history, with houses selling for so much in California that you could come up and buy an even bigger house in Bend for less!

A nice little circle jerk (if you'll pardon the expression) where we sell houses to people who build and sell houses who sell houses to people who build and sell's perpetual motion! Who needs real jobs?

I mean, that's ready to start happening again any day now!


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H. Bruce Miller said...

Good post.

If Bend was one-eighth the "paradise" it was made out to be, the bubble never would've popped. But a lot of folks here just can't accept that reality. They're still stuck on "EVERYBODY wants to live here!"

Well, no, actually, they don't.

The UGB is supposed to accommodate 20 years of growth. If the expansion goes through there'll be room for about 100 years' worth.