Thursday, April 7, 2011

Murphys' back in town.

Interesting how things can go off the rails suddenly and for no good reason.

The Visa machine mistake (wrong account closed, no Visa service for a day) was probably mine, for not making it clearer. Still, I spent months, even years not making the change because I couldn't seem to get the right procedures of how to change. They don't make it clear or easy.

I make very few changes to things like banks, insurance, phones, etc. because Murphy Law resides there.

Then, yesterday, to not get FEAR ITSELF from Marvel was alarming. Biggest title of the last two years. The most I've ordered. Why THAT title?

I think I've gotten that ironed out, and I get a call from Linda telling me our landlords have put cement blocks between our store and the Mini Pet Mart.

I call the agent and tell her:

1.) We probably use the Mart's parking lot more than they use our parking lot.
2.) It cuts off two entrances to our store, which is NEVER a good idea.
3.) It narrows the entry so much that it might be more difficult to back up and maneuver.
4.)I can almost guarantee that people are going to bottom their cars on this barrier, especially at night or in the snow.
5.) The change was totally uncalled for and unnecessary.
6.) They could have ASKED us.

I could tell in talking to her that the change had been made and it was unlikely to be changed back.

Out of the blue.

A stupid decision I have no control over.

Interesting how people can assume you are going to like a change, and yet they didn't ask you. I'll get a promotional person in the door telling me they are closing the street on the busiest weekend of the year to put on a circus in front of my store, and they act surprised when I'm not delighted.

You know those scenes in movies where some take-charge person takes it upon themselves to order the meals for his dining companions?

Oh, no you will not! I'll order my own damn meal, thank you very much!

I've never thought of myself as a control freak, but of course I am. Not so much with other people -- I try to avoid that -- but with my environment. It's probably the reason I try to keep things simple, and not make too many changes.

It may be the reason I narrow my scope and focus.

It may even be the reason I own my own stores -- so I can control who and how I deal with people.

But the unpredictable elements are still there:

The customers....

and landlords.

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