Thursday, February 7, 2008

You have to wonder though, if the city of Bend wouldn't have won any lawsuits about Juniper Ridge. It certainly seems like we got very little for out 2.56 million. And it seems, from the outside at least, like the Partners didn't bring in the funding they promised.

Still, once burned, twice shy.

The irony here, is that I believe the city of Bend was completely in the right in trying to correct the Jan Ward mess, but apparently they didn't cross the legal t's or dot the legal i's. Too bad. They need to get over it. They can't run from every lawsuit, if they believe they are in the right.


Anonymous said...

This deal was put together by Mayor Friedman, Capell, and Linda Johnson.

Our current Mayor Abernethy, is very much a lamp post in this game.

Nobody in city-hall wanted to go to court with KURATEK, he's like a Garzini, e.g. human pitbull, he would have got the best lawyers in Oregon, who would have cleaned Bend's treasury forever, but that's NOT what this is about.

Had KURATEK sent this thing to court, then every secret deal associated with the Juniper-Ridge fiasco would have been subject to discovery going back to 1990.

Most of the important people in Bend, are tied to these secret deals.

It was in everyone's interest to payoff KURATEK, and silence him. I completely agree that this is why Garzini was brought back in on behalf of the good old boyz to make sure that there was never a public court case. Everybody knew that in order to fight Kuratek, you had to have Garzini.

Kuratek basically got what he wanted, and so its win-win. City-Hall get closure, e.g. OMERTA, so they win. Everybody is a winner.

Fascinating is that in August 2006, when the UBS financing failed, how that within less than 60 days Bill Smith & Mike Hollern had Les Schwabs money in their to "FIX" the Kuratek problem, and send him packing. Once again, Les Schwab saves the day.

Friedman and clowns could have NEVER gotten the extortion pool ($2.5M) together and authorized by city-budget, so they went to Schwab, who as always provided the funding. This time however Schwab presented the Dec 6, 2006 LS-Sales agreement which force city-hall to give away the store in exchange for $3.5M ( where did the profit go? Where did it really go? ).

The BULL & SORE will keep this story hush, but in years to come folks will be scratching their ass saying? How in the fuck did Les Schwab pull this off?


Bend is a mob town, and its citizens are patsy's of the lowest level. Parasitic fools they are.

Duncan McGeary said...

That almost makes sense.

If so, they're smarter than I give them credit for.

Anonymous said...

If so, they're smarter than I give them credit for.



You play this fool theory, but give the good old boyz a HIGH-FIVE,

They took an obscure desert Island of a town, and using PR&Marketing form City-Hall treasury (Taxpayer), they created the MOST #1 over-valued CNNFN.COM RE in the USA Jan07.

This was NO fucking accident, this was brilliant engineering, and it all starts with the investment Hollern made in 5+ years ago in "SMART GROWTH", that he paid for, up at the High Desert Museum, that kicked off the whole program.

Dunc, you seem to think these guys are a bunch, of dumb fucks, who were at the right place, at the right time,

Not so, HOLLERN has an MBA in PR&MARKETING from Stanford,

These folks were playing by the HARVARD MBA playbook on RE ponzi scams.

Then KURATEK gets ran out of San-MATEO CAL, playing the same fucking game, and comes to Bend, and does the old RASPUTIN on city-hall, he had to be taken out, you couldn't have TWO con-men running one little desert town.

I'll agree with you on one point, regarding idiots, Friedman, Johnson, Abernethy, now those are first class clowns.

Our city managers are very good, and Garzini is a first class act. Kuratek is smooth as silk.

Trouble is ALL our boyz as HOMER said, starting getting effected by their own kool-aid, we were #1 by 2004, and they believed their own lies. I think KURATEK was able to convince the MORONS ( friedman, & gals ) that he could make them all rich, instead of just the town making HOLLERN rich ( in lieu of SDC ).

Yes, Dunc there's morons to be found in Bend, but their are also case examples that will be studied by Harvard MBA's forever.

Note as I have said all along, I respect HOLLERN, he almost lost it all during the 1980's collapse where he was land-rich, but cash-poor.

Now he's house-rich, and cash-poor, trouble is houses sit, and they become worthless, so HOLLERN will go BK, and take BEND with him.