Friday, February 15, 2008

Snork. Snork.

The Broken Top Borealis 'home' is great. (See Bend Economy Bulletin Board.)

I especially love that it's situated on Snoot Wine Ave.

That's kind of how I feel after reading Cascade Arts, Cascade Discovery, Cascade Business News. Snoot Wine. Makes me feel a little insecure; all these sophisticates. All the skinny blond ladies, and artistically groomed gentlemen.

Reading the biographies, my joke of everyone living here for 5 minutes longer than the other guy, seems to be borne out. Makes sense, they would be lassoed into the 'local' art scene. Snoot Wine.

Funny thing is, even though most of the news stories are more or less press clippings, there is actually quite a bit of information contained.

I don't actually have any hard feelings toward the Cascade publications. They are what they are. There is something almost pure in the sheer promotional desperation of it.

I mean, if I feel a Snoot Wine effect from these pubs, I'm sure that Bend Living would send me into exile. I'd have to become even more of a hermit than I am.

Some of the art portrayed is rather nice. And yet, you know I'm exposed to art everyday in my store, and I think many of the current illustrators are so talented that local art can seem...predictable.

It's great that there is an art scene. The prices are way, way out of my range. I think, frankly, if I had an urge to collect art....well, I'd see what I could do myself.

I'm artistic. Really.

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