Thursday, February 7, 2008

What I can't understand is why the Bulletin continues to play silly word games. "CITY, JUNIPER DEVELOPERS RECONCILE."


It's a little bit like saying after a hard fought divorce, when they finally agree who gets the house, saying that they've reconciled.

KTVZ is a little more to the point: "BEND, TO PAY JUNIPER RIDGE PARTNERS 2.56 MILLION."

Though I would add, right after the word "Pay...OFF"

Anyway, here's where you might think I'd be exorcating (Why doesn't my spell check work, guys. Or my italics. How do I get them back?) the City Council, but no. They had to do it. The original agreement was the mistake, this is just getting out of it. Better 2.56 million now than tens of millions down the road.

This was in the cards the minute they brought in Ron Garzini. It's all about how to get out of this agreement without lawsuits and without looking like complete morons.

The 'master plan' is a fig leaf, unlikely to ever be used except in parts. It's a way for the city to look as if they are at least getting something for their money.

But I suspect the plan itself is pretty much defunct. I know from my own small renovations that if you come up with an overall plan, and try to change just parts of it, the plan will fall apart, and you end up with some kind of Frankenstein monstrosity.

I suspect that Juniper Ridge is going to have a much scaled back and graduated implementation.


Duncan McGeary said...

No one from the Bulletin has talked to me for a year, so I've bit the hand, I guess.

But I say what I think.

BilboBend said...


I have written to much on this for too long.

I think we can all agree that JR, has been a win-win for all.

Garzini got $10k/mo, Kuratek $60k/mo, ... Capell's KnifeRiver/HapTaylor got Millions and Millions of Excavation work.

Les Schwab got a new campus with everything in the way of SDC paid for other than the building.

Who lost on this deal?? Nobody?

It's all trickle down, all the Knife-River works goes back to local jobs.

We're all winners on this deal.

I hoper there are more JR's in Bend future, we'll all be rich.

Oct 15, 2006 when LS first put their stamp on JR, months before the LS-sales agreement Dec 12, 2006 was signed, everyone knew that KURATEK was going to get paid off. The 'good old bozy' demanded it, and everyone knew, that Kuratek would take this thing to court, and the House of Cards we call Bend, OR would collapse.

Everybody is a winner, but contrary to what Mr. Bruce says, IT NOT OVER by a long shot, this criminal enterprise we call Juniper-Ridge will continue for years.

I completely agree dunc, the $2.5M master-plan, will go straight to the archives.

BilboBend said...


You know that nobody in Bend reads these blogs, don't get your ego inflated that BULL cares what you write.

bruce said...

Re: Bulletin talking to you

If Mr. Sachs is any indication, he hasn't been around long enough to know who you are. He didn't even know who OTAK was in regards to Juniper Ridge when I asked him about it the other night, nor had much knowledge of anything that happened prior to February, 2007 for that matter.

The KTVZ girl wasn't much better. At first she didn't realize the JR decision was even very important-- she was there to ask about the trailer park thing.

As for this being over, I think the Kuratek fiasco is close to over, but we are a long way from the whole JR fiasco being over.

I made a JPG out of page 50 of the Kuratek Master Plan, showing the different percentages of land use in the three different plans. It's striking how much the residential component jumped when you see it on a bar graph. I just added it to my last post on the juniper-ridge-info blog.

The Council has a vision, as the Mayor was intent on drilling into me. And it's going to cost us a whole bunch more money before we are done.