Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Had a customer come in yesterday asking when we were going to do our renovations, and if we were going to be closed, and I realized I never updated that post.

First off, I would never close the store for renovations. I wouldn't do them if it required closing. Secondly, its more in the nature of redesigning than renovating.

As far as actually going ahead, I ran into a roadblock. The type of bookcase I was counting on using, which Office Max has carried for four years, is suddenly not carried by them. Completely throws a monkey wrench into the whole scheme. They are 25" wide, white laminate, cases. I can get 28" white laminate from Staples, but that is 3"s too wide. A measly 3 inches. Compounded by 22 cases.

Even an inch would be too much.

So, that complication, plus the slow January, has set my plans back. I'm going to wait and see if the shelves become available again, or an alternative supplier, and try a different design, maybe.

I can do about half the changes with the wider cases, and I'll probably do that just before summer.

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