Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's kinda funny. There is a big thing over on the Bendbubble2 board over the fact that there is an actual, real live female posting there. In fact, Paul-doh devoted one of his weekly million word essays to the fact that there was a real live female -- a real estate agent at that! -- posting among all us cranky middle-aged white(?) guys.

Did I ever tell you about the retarded inbred male Siamese cat I once had? Found him in the middle of the road, on his back, unconscious, drooling. Took him to the vet.

Turns out that he'd gotten a sniff of a female cat in heat and went into hormonal shock.

Nearly died.

Just saying....

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Anonymous said...

Over the years, we have had dozens and dozens of fictitious posters that claim to be one thing or another.

ms Tucker is most likely just another flash in the pan sally-heatherton, except this person has 1% of the brains of sally. This person is obviously a realtor and is feeding data, but so what.

I think its cute, because HOMER does tend to focus on the 'girlz' in his humiliation rants, I mean he has hit breeze and ass. the hardest.

My humble opinion is that ms-tucker may have dumped a few stats that could have easily came from any NAR site, they have NOT in fact provided any real dirt on the realty biz in Bend. Which in my humble opinion means that ms-tucker is most likely a retired realtor, and a newbie to Bend. Status of genitals?? we don't know, and I don't care.