Saturday, December 22, 2012

You start with the character, not the situation.

The lesson is, you have to start with the character.  Not the situation.

I started this book with a high concept of Cthulhu versus Faery, not with the main character who has to carry the story, who the reader can identify and care for (not to mention the writer wanting to keep writing abut him.)

I didn't start with Kenlahar or Lore or Prince Greylock -- who all were underdogs, who were sympathetic characters.

I started with a all powerful, kind of grumpy main character and it just didn't work.  I'm not Terry Pratchett or Christopher Moore -- I don't have the ability or the desire to be endlessly snippy and humorous.

So it's back to basic motivations.  A character in trouble, who has more trouble piled on top of him. 

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