Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Cyber" punk Hobbit -- as least as much as I

We finagled an upgraded suite at the Ponderosa Lodge -- and it's great.  Not a lot of people this time of year.

Nevertheless, didn't sleep very well.  Nothing wrong with the room, just being away from home.  I always seem to have a rough first night on trips.  Finally figured out the air-conditioning at 3:00 in the morning.  (We like our sleep space cold.)

So I read the first 100 pages last night, copy-editing.  Amazing how many little things you miss.  The eye skips right over them.  I'll do one more copy-edit before I let this go.

Not changing much, a word here and there.

I call it a Cyber-punk Hobbit, but the cyber part is pretty basic -- that is, it is a big plot element, but I don't go into specifics.  Can't.  Just don't have the know-how.

One thing I'd like to ask you all.  I have them needing to break into an actual data center to change/destroy information.  In the meeting leading up to it, I'm saying something along the lines of:

"We've been able to hack into every system where the information is stored, except one.  There is a data center that has a firewall we can't get past."  Blah, blah.

Is that the slightest bit credible?  What would make it credible?  I need them to need to break into the data center, so I need an explanation.

Going the copy-edit the rest of the book before work, I hope.  Then copy-edit again tomorrow.  Hopefully, between the auto system on the computer and my own eyes, I'll catch everything.

It's a fast read, all right.  Not exactly deep.  It's what I meant it to be. Hopefully fun.

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Martha said...

I think the firewall thing is credible. Of course, I'm no expert either. Maybe watch some heist movies to see what they come up with for messing with computer systems? (new Italian Job, Ocean's 11?)