Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeing is no longer believing.

Did you all see the video of an eagle snatching a kid?

I totally bought it.  The camera angle, the French accented "Oh, Shit," the kid crying.

So now what?  How do we distinguish true events now?

Only if they are confirmed by eyewitnesses?  Yeah, like they've proven to be so reliable.

The next Bigfoot sighting will have to be triply examined.  Nessie is going to be popping up everywhere.

If the government shows us we're being invaded by Martians, we are so totally going to believe them...

Just saying.

What now?


Unknown said...

I'm one of those video guys that immediately saw the signs. Just suttle slips in the chroma key through out but it was still fairly well done. Given more time who knows. It is amazing what you can do with film even with some subtle adjustments or even a push of a button.

Leitmotiv said...

Making a special effects video is now rite of passage to getting a job in Hollywood.