Monday, December 24, 2012

Stupid is as stupid does.

Apparently, I was using Bend Blogs too much as a crutch to read other people's blogs.  I didn't make direct bookmarks of them, just checked BB every day.

Anyone know if he will get that sit up and running again?  I'd check his site, but I was doing that through BB too.

Meanwhile, it seems like all my passwords and all disappeared on my computer and I had to enter them all back in.

I blame Facebook.  In fact, I intend to blame Facebook for everything that goes wrong from here on out.

I can't tell when I'm posting messages on Facebook where they are going, and to who, and so on.   Basic stuff.  I can answer messages -- that I can do.  I can post messages on my page.  But initiating conversations with others, I'm lost.

So what everyone tells me is -- read the instructions.  Aaron was telling me to read the Smashword instructions.  And so on.

I hate reading instructions.  My fault, I'm only hurting myself.  It's utterly stupid.

Still -- I hate doing it.  I'd rather stumble around and find answers by accident.  No one need comment on how stupid this is.  I know.

I want to learn everything by osmosis, I think.  Second-hand.  Naturally.  To hell with diligently studying.   I've never taken another class since I graduated from college.  I was so Very Sick of classrooms and being lectured to and all that.

Again, no one need comment and tell me how stupid this is.

Oh, go ahead.  I deserve it.


shopping monkey said...

Facebook instructions? Ha ha ha, etc. The only instructions I know are: whatever you learned today, you'll have to unlearn tomorrow. It changes. Constantly. Now they have this stupid algorithm that plots out who gets to see your posts, and who doesn't. No one seems to understand it. All I know is, even though we have more than 1,000 'likes' or 'fans' or 'friends,' only about one third will see any given post. Which one third? I dunno. You can pay to have more of your existing Likes see your posts, but not sure how much you have to pay to get there. It's frustrating, but still free (unless you advertise), so can't complain too much. I can call it Facebutt, though, for some minute (and meaningless) amount of revenge. I miss Bend Blogs, too. Wonder what happened?

Martha said...

It's pretty safe to blame Facebook for everything.

And as for using Facebook, you will figure it out with time. And the rest of us are used to newbies making comments in weird places. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jake Ortman here in Bend.

Looks like he took a new job earlier this year and everything web wise has gone to the side. Went from almost daily postings to once a month or longer. has some of the local blogs listed on the right sidebar.