Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wed. wats.

Whenever I tell people that Bend went from the top to the bottom on housing prices, they look at me skeptically, like I'm exaggerating.

"In mid-2006, as the real estate bubble expanded, the Bend MSA led the nation in year-over-year home-price appreciation.  Four years later, it led the country in depreciation..."  Bulletin, 12/5/12.

Sure, there are all kinds of measures, but still pretty hard to deny.

Nice thing that Bend more or less held together, unlike the early 80's.

 Now that was bad.


I've had two writing vacations in the last couple years.  Linda decided she wanted one, but she didn't want to drive as far, so we went to Sisters the other day to try to get a deal on a room for 5 nights.

I walked into the lobby after a few minutes, and the clerk turned and said, "Oh, there's the distraction now!"

"That's me!  Hi!"

It is amazing how much more I get written when Linda is at work and I'm at home.  But Linda has it worse, because I tend to bug her way more often than she bugs me.

She's close to finishing up her book.  I'll be using the same 5 days to try to go on a writing binge. (I may come close to finishing Freedy Filkins, now that I've got a general idea of where I want to go.)  Depends on whether I can do any writing on the days I work -- the next two days, for instance.

I have a weird notion of finishing up my little Hobbit cyberpunk take-off by the day the Hobbit movie opens.  I'm not trying to make it long -- but I'd like at least 50K words.


Time inside the writing bubble is different.  Sometimes it'll seem like I've only been writing for minutes -- and hours have gone by outside.  Sometimes it'll seem like I've been writing for hours -- and only minutes have gone by outside.  In other words, writing is living in Fairyland.


I have a weird faith that all this writing can't be for nothing...

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