Thursday, December 13, 2012

Almost like a vacation.

Feel like I'm on vacation.

Writing Freedy was pretty intensive, I was living in that world for awhile.

I'm torn between going back and rewriting earlier stuff or just diving into something new.  It's so much fun to write the first drafts, I could just do that all the time.

Well, I have a couple of weeks until things settle down after the holidays to decide what to do.  I'm ready to develop my site, and try to put some things up on Amazon and so on.

I've decided that my writing isn't a "limited" resource and I don't need to treat it that way.  I need to treat it as a constantly renewing and evolving resource -- not get bogged down.

Christmas shopping should kick in on Friday or so.  Always a little nerve-wracking that it takes so long to start.  Longer and more intensive every year.  We had a huge year at the store last year, and I'm not expecting that to happen again.

But increased business -- absolutely.

This last ten day until people shop at my store make it pretty much impossible to guess how much stock to carry.  I'll make at least one reorder in that time period in each category, and then decide.

I know people have to get in the mood.  I know they're waiting because they want deals -- but things do sell out, you know.  Even stuff you wouldn't think would sell out.  It's almost a little presumptuous that a particular item will be in stock.  Just saying.

Not that there is any shortage of stuff to sell overall.  Not by a long shot.

Hope to see you all and I'll try to get you anything that I can for the next week or so.

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