Monday, December 10, 2012

Need more Bulletin Fodder!

How am I supposed to write a daily blog without Bulletin Fodder?

It doesn't look like they've gone to the two section Monday yet, and I'm not looking forward to it.  I want to Bulletin to do well for selfish reasons, as well as for the fact that I like all the reporters I know who work there.


I was trying to get Linda back into writing from the moment I got serious again about a year and a half ago.  We met in the writer's group 30 years ago, and we've both been literary minded ever since.

She started looking at a book that she'd gotten far into, and decided she still really liked it.  So I've been waking up every morning seeing her at her computer.

She told me yesterday from her Writing Trip that she had finished her book!  And was starting in on the next one --

It's the second time she's actually finished (she wrote a romance that she wasn't quite satisfied with the ending.)

I want to read it, but I want her to keep writing first.  She has stalled in the past from critique from writer's group and I've encouraged her to keep it to herself for now.

Anyway, we both have websites to our names which we need to develop, and get our stuff out there.

I'll be exploring how it works with Freedy Filkins.


Dropped in on the writer's group Christmas Party yesterday.  I was so into writing and with Linda gone, I hadn't intended to go, but I decided that was rude and popped my head in the door.

Told them my plans.  Nothing more bracing than seeing the skeptical look on the face of one guy I respect.  And when I told them the title to my book, there was a silence.  Well, that went over well, I thought to myself.

Anyway, I stayed for a little cider and some carrots, and then when everybody had settled down, vamoosed out of there.   "Back to writing!" I said cheerily on my way out the door.


I estimated yesterday that I had about seven chapters left to write on Freedy Filkins, broken into about two chapters per incident with a concluding chapter.  So the first incident turned into three chapters, and I suspect the others will turn into longer as well

But I'm at the concluding chapters now -- the climax.  Trying to gear up for what will hopefully be an exciting climax. 

I have a Donald Trump like character -- who I call Darrell Horn -- as my Smaug the Dragon.  Heh.

This book sort of wrote itself -- like it was just waiting for me.

I wrote a chapter the other day which just tickled me.  Which is the best way to get over my rejection, I think.  It might not be any better than any of the rest, but it was so unexpected and came together so easily that it made me high. 


Anonymous said...

I want the Bulletin to do well for unselfish reasons. I want it to well for the community at large. For the commuinty at large is a much better place to live with a community newspaper!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the first comment was written by a Bulletin reporter until I saw the second spelling of "community."