Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday fuds.

Cute cartoon of Snoop Dog in the Bulletin today.  Good for them for trying something different.  They should make a regular feature of a cartoon, contrasting visitors to the Bend lifestyle.

By the way, the changes?  I wonder if I would've even noticed them if the Bulletin itself wasn't pointing them out so much.


Believe me when I say I'm not a guy who pays a lot of attention to 'style' or even notices it much.

But I turned to Linda last week and said,   "Have you noticed that the Watson on Elementary is always wearing something ultra stylish?"

Then we speculated that Lucy Liu was wearing her own wardrobe for the show.  And that an "assistant" could no way afford those clothes.  Now it's become almost as distraction, as we wait to see what she wears next.

I think Elementary has gotten better, though still doesn't have the plot twists of the British "Sherlock."


Last Resort is a pretty good show, but it has sort of jumped the shark.  They had a very constrictive premise and then they just took the premise and almost ignored it, at their convenience.


I hope BendBlogs gets up and running again.  Most of my referrals seem to come from there.  I've always thought it was the most valuable blog in town.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about last resort getting canceled?

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, I was wishing they could wrap it up, but they are probably all in the can.

Anonymous said...

They're also cancelling 666 park avenue which was really great in my opinion and now their leaving more questions than answers