Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all and so on and so forth...

With none of our family making it home this year, Linda and I have agreed just not to do much about Christmas.

Of course, we never have, really.  It was always Christmas at my parents house, then at my sister Tina's house, and then...well, we didn't pick up the ball.  Holidays apparently weren't a big deal at Linda's growing up.  They were a huge deal at my house -- but after a few years of trying to create some traditions with the boys, they just didn't seem to take.

There are households where everyone gets together and households where that doesn't happen.

When I was in college, there would always be that one room in the dorm where everyone would congregate.  Some people just have that gene, that knack, that Host with the Most attitude.

So I looked at Linda this morning and said, "Are we even going to wrap our presents this year?'

She wrinkles her nose.  "I don't see why."

"We're terrible.  We're just terrible."

"No -- we're writers.  We don't have time for that stuff...."

Merry Christmas to all and so on and so forth!


Martha said...

Merry Christmas! O<]:•{o}}}

(That's a Santa.)

Kevin said...

I understand. I am the same way this year. For one, my family is scattered and it is just myself and my fiance. Niether one of us feels Christmassy. She has to work today. Both of us have very little money to spend. It seems Xmas is about going into debt to buy crap for people for a brief moment of "whoopee" and warm glow. If you are alrady in debt...it takes the shine off and makes it a moot point.
But I think I am just over teh hustle and bustle and materialism. Just sitting at home, alone with my coffee and Dr Who on the telly...now that is Christmas.