Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday mopes

A poll on the comic retailer forum about whether or not we collect variant covers to comics.

Well, I don't "collect" any comics and if I did, I certainly wouldn't collect "variants."

I'm firmly in the camp that comics are entertainment, meant to be read.  So I liked my one sentence answer:

"I read and release."


Violence.  Such a terrible non-solution to anything and with such horrible consequences.


I've been told that Dudley's has sold.

So that gives me hope that in the long run both mine and Linda's store will be salable too.

In fact, Linda is so close to retirement age that we ought to be entertaining offers right now.  Anyone want a profitable used bookstore?


I always feel so stupid when I find a musical act years after their glory years.  So, I've been listening to the Pixies all day.  Damn.

Can see where Arcade Fire and Neutral Milk Hotel came from.

Every time I get a clue, I just go to Youtube and click the "Top" button, and get a full run of a new (or old) band's glory.

Great stuff.


On the other hand,  I used to care a lot more about year end Top Ten lists -- now I can't be bothered.  I think it's because there is so much material coming at me everyday that I have to weed out.  Kind of like I used to read weekly news magazines, and now they seem superficial and late.


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