Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dammit, Dave.

I thought about not commenting on this.  Been sitting on it for a few days, trying to digest it.

But here goes.

About ten years ago, I had an employee who was steady and reliable and honest and knowledgeable.  He was a little odd, very reserved and introverted, and it didn't really surprised me one day when he turned to me and said,  "You know, I've got Asperger's, don't you."

Well, by then, I kinda did know.  I tend to hire two types of employees -- introverted personalities like mine, (I've managed to shed much of my introversion at the store over the years)  and extroverted personalities like my wife.  I've tipped too far into introverted employees -- my wife has tipped too far into extroverted personalities.

They both have advantages and disadvantages.  I've even made the case over the years that introverts tend to be more reliable and loyal and honest and dependable.

But, then again, when it comes to customer relations, they could be better.  My crew right now are all like my wife, as far as I can tell, friendly and helpful and all.

Anyway, back to Dave.

So he was a really conservative guy.  See how liberal I am to have a really conservative guy working for me?  (I've always doubted the opposite would happen, but ...) 

Anyway, he decided to go off to Salem and work for the politico's there, but for awhile he kept coming into the store for his comics.  About two years after he stopped working for me, he announced:

"I'm going to Russia to pick up my Russian wife."

"Oh?"   Uh, oh. I'm thinking, this isn't going to end well.  But...this sounds terrible probably...but I hoped he'd get some socialization out of it and I was hoping for the best and  -- hey, maybe he'll get some sex.

Well, I picked up the Bulletin earlier this week, and there was the story -- about a Salem fellow who murdered his Russian wife. 

So here's where I do the classic -- "But he was such a quiet guy!  I'm totally surprised that he could do something like this."

Very sad.  I thought Dave had managed to do pretty well with his straight-jacket of Asperger's --- but in the end, maybe all of us should have been a little stronger with our doubts about marrying a Russian wife.  I mean, though knowing Dave, it wouldn't have made any difference. 

I really hate the image of him sitting in jail the rest of his life. 


Duncan McGeary said...

Such a terrible non-solution to anything and so horrible in consequence...

Martha said...