Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unexpectly, the covers are ready before the books.

Meanwhile, with the help of Martha Weibenson, I've got a cover ready for my book DEVILTREE.  It was an original photo by me, photoshopped by Martha.

This book came very close to being published a couple of times -- to the point of actually being accepted at one point.

I rewrote it so many times, I swore I'd never go through that process again.  Apparently, I have two modes.  Simple -- write it in a couple of months.  Complicated -- take two years and innumerable revisions.

SNOWCASTLES, ICETOWERS and FREEDY FILKINS were the first kind.  STAR AXE, DEVILTREE , and -- apparently -- NEARLY HUMAN  are the second kind.

I have a typewritten manuscript of DEVILTREE that needs to be digitalized and formatted.  But other than that, it's ready to go.  It might actually be the best book to start with, because I know it was vetted many times.

I guess if you believe in omens, the fact that I have the covers ready to go on two books and nearly ready on a third book means they must be meant to exist.


Martha said...

I think, in this case, I believe in omens. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Duncan:

See what happens when Hitler finds out about the new Bend Super Walmart.

Luci & Loree said...

Like that cover... makes me want to look into it!!