Friday, July 10, 2015

Slacking off.

Well, relatively.

I think it wouldn't hurt to slow down.  But I don't want to slow down so much I stall. 

There is so much rewriting I want to do, and need to do.  Want to do as in "Having Rewritten."

I just don't like rewriting; there is no way around that.  It is something I need to do and I usually get the job done.  But it is a "job."

In my younger days I'd sit down with a beer or two and that was my reward and my motivation and hours would go by and I'd have done the task.  But I can't seem to drink a couple of beers and not pay the price anymore.  So that doesn't really work.

Anyway, as long as I make sure each book I release is as finished as I can make it -- including the rewrites -- then I'm doing what I should be doing.

So far so good.

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