Thursday, July 30, 2015

Me no understand the maths.

Time is just my perception of movement in the space/time continuum.  (I feel like I should add a Dudist "man" to the end of that.)

Blows my

If I understand this at all, which I probably don't.

I like to read the occasional popular science book, even though they make me feel as dumb as a bag of hammers.  I'm currently reading Coming Of Age In The Milky Way, by Timothy Ferris, which is a history of astronomy.

Sometimes I get just an inkling of what I'm reading, like I'm licking the frosting on a cake and getting a taste sensation.  But I'm not sure I really understand it.

The book went from Newton to Einstein in two successive chapters, as I understood less and less.  But, you know, I get a glimmer, man. I get a sense of it.  I get a small clue. 

It's something I wish I understood better.  But not hard enough to really work at it. 

You know, when you're talking to your cat and it seems almost as if they can understand what you're saying? 

I'm the cat, man.  Dude, what you're saying sounds really important, but...whatever.  I've got a hairball to worry about. 


Kevin said...

Wait, wait... did you actually MISS a day of posting? Not seeing a Wed. entry. Has the streak been broken?

Mr Nighttime said...

You missed Wednesday? What universal calamity of epic proportions led to this?

Duncan McGeary said...

Does it count if I didn't notice? If it was a mistake?

I say no. It doesn't count. The streak continues!!!!!!!!!

Duncan McGeary said...

You noticed nothing.