Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gargoyle Dreams almost done.

Nearing the end of Gargoyle Dreams.  Just a few more chapters and I'll finish with the first draft.  I have the ending pretty much outlined and plotted.

Crossed the 50K mark yesterday, which means it is now officially a 'book.'  (Most of my stories seem to run between 55 and 65K words, for some reason.  I could add to them easily enough, but I prefer fast and hopefully entertaining reads.)

In the midst of writing a chapter I suddenly had an inspiration for an Epilogue and wrote it down. I loved it. The true ending. It ties the whole book together.

Most of what I've been writing for the last week-- and will be writing for the next few days -- are action scenes.  Action scenes are easy to write, but hard to write well.  I find if I can visualize an action scene in my head, then I can get it down on paper.  If my action scene is fuzzy, it's better not to even try.  I usually write an action scene, then purposely try to pump it up a little more, because I tend to perhaps be a little too concise -- and a good action scene gets the blood roiling.

I feel like I'm using some clunky language, while the story is coming along nicely.  So I'll have to do some nifty editing to make it all work, but the foundation is solid.

Also have a few continuity problems that have to be addressed.  I think they'll be fine -- I just need to finesse the transitions.  Make sure it's all clear what and when everything is happening.

Always exciting to finish another book.

I really like the idea that a complete story exists, with or without me.  It has its own validity once it's finished.  Doesn't need me anymore.

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