Friday, July 31, 2015


I keep selling my books out of my store when I work.

I also make connections I wouldn't ordinarily.  Yesterday, I had a guy I vaguely remembered talking to a year ago about writing, so I asked.  He'd bought one of my books and read it.

I probably wasn't paying enough attention last time, but this time I got what he was saying.  Steven C. Schlozman, M.D.  He's a professor at Harvard Medical school and he wrote a book called The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks From The Apocalypse.

I had the book on my shelves.

He said he was watching a zombie movie one night and was inspired to sit down and write a book about what it would be like to autopsy a "real" zombie. 

Told a funny story about how his faculty head told him he had to disavow his writing because too many people thought it was "real."

So his book has been optioned by George Romero, and he talked about the real bonus of writing was being able to pal around with George at conventions and such.

I made a comment about him being a "real" writer.

"No, no, so are you.  A good one too."

So that was cool, and I immediately asked if he'd be willing to blurb one of my upcoming books and he said, "Sure!"

Meanwhile, after he left, I realized he had a world class number of blurbs on his book.  George Romero, Chuck Palahniuk, Seth Grahme-Smith, and Jonathan Maberry.

Fun.  Always interesting who I meet in the store.

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