Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Linda -- an audience of one.

Sometimes an audience of one is enough. 


I'm lucky to have her.  I spent all day yesterday struggling over a consequential chapter of Gargoyle Dreams.  One that wasn't easy to do, one that I had my doubts about.

"It's great," Linda says when I read it to her.

Look, writing is isolating enough already.  I have a hard time imagining how I could continue to do it without Linda's wholehearted support. 

"I like your writing.  There is something....sweet about it."


"Yeah, it feels good."

Hey, I'll take it.  I mean I write horror.  She should be terrified, right? "ugh, it's terribly scary!" might be a better comment.

I think it's because we are so compatible, so simpatico.  She gets what I'm trying to do.  She relates.  If anything, I might want her to be more critical.  I tell her that.

"But I like your writing.  I think you're doing it just right."

Arrrghh.  A very mild, pleased arrrghh.

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