Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Writing for myself.

As I continue writing Gargoyle Dreams, I'm beginning to wonder if anyone else is going to want to read it.

It's a cute story.  Charming.  I like it a lot.

Not pulse-pounding exciting or brutal or bloody or stomach-churning or overly dramatic.

A "gothic lovestory" is what I'm calling it.  Two people finding each other.  A Beauty and the Beast.  I mentioned my doubts to Linda last night.

"You can always publish it yourself," she said.

I have to remember I have that option.  I put up my Freedy Filkins story, Cyber Crash, by myself, and I've always liked that story.  It's cute and charming too.  But no one ever buys it.

All I need is a cover and I'm good to go.  I'm thinking it is most likely going to be a novella, though I never know for sure.  Somewhere between 20 and 30K words.  

I'm about 12K words in, so I don't really know how it's going to turn out.

I've set some strictures for myself.  It all has to take place at the Cathedral, and it has two POV characters, who alternate in the telling.  I'm taking it slow, trying to be inspired with every scene rather than forcing the issue. (About 1200 words per session, which for me isn't that much.)  I'm letting myself be as poetic (flowery) as I want to be, and as love-storyish sentimental as I want to be.

It's been a very nurturing experience so far.

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