Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What Do Gargoyles Dream?

Well, as an experiment, it was revealing.

I was going to write Gargoyle Dreams only if I was inspired.  But I got about halfway through and stalled.  I waited for inspiration for about a week, and nothing came.

So I'm going to sit down today and push it on through.  Start at the first place I was stuck and force a solution.  Get this book done and move on.

Also thinking of changing the title to Gargoyle Ghosts, which actually makes sense in light of the plot and has a nicer word play, and maybe a little more evocative.  Then again, what do Gargoyles dream?

How about:  What Do Gargoyles Dream? as a title?  Or maybe Do Gargoyles Dream?


So anyway, going to finish this book.  I'd hoped my inspiration would carry through to the end, but I believe that doesn't get done in the way I tried to do it, that is, with minimal word count, waiting for inspiration, and long breaks.

It gets done when I really let it flow, lots of words, no breaks, making sure I write everyday whether inspired or not.

I kind of knew that, but thought maybe this time...

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Anonymous said...

Two cents: Gargoyle Dreams is better.

Jim Cornelius