Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kayaking, news, Russian movies, and writing.

Linda and I went kayaking for the second time this season up at Elk Lake.  The loading and unloading went much smoother; it's a matter of balance more than lifting.

We made it all the way across the long length of the lake and back, which was short-circuited last time by a thunderstorm.  Now we're going to start exploring some of the other lakes.  I wanted the first couple of times to be somewhere familiar so we could get the hang of it.  Not that it's very complicated.  Very fun and relaxing.  Linda really hit on a great getaway for us with this.

I love being with her all day like that.  She is so much fun.

Now, we need to go kayaking another 48 times or so to actually pay for everything....


I noticed the Bulletin didn't put the shootings in Charleston on the front page, which I thought was a questionable choice.

The discussions and comments I'm reading reaffirms my intention not to discuss politics online.

But sometimes I long for the days when news seemed (I know it probably wasn't so, but...) like they were reporting objectively.  I really have a hard time these days wading through all the clickbait and bullshit and slants.  (This is not a reference to the Bulletin, but the online and cable stuff.)


Netflix seemed to be offering a whole bunch of new and weird choices last night.  I don't know if this was universal or they've find figured out how weird I am.

Started watching a Russian movie called "My Joy."  Oh, boy...nobody does nihilism like the Russians.  I'm already creeped out.


Struggling a little with Gargoyle Dreams.  I mean, I have all the pieces, I'm just trying to figure out how to put them together. The wisdom is in struggling before I commit to paper, instead of after.  That is, I could just write it and then try to fix it, but I think I want to keep mulling it over until I get it right.

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